Tilted Kilt

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Wright Brothers, The Building Company recently completed a historic renovation of the 98 Brookline building into the newest Tilted Kilt restaurant in Boston, Massachusetts. Located directly across from Fenway Park, great care had to be taken throughout the entirety of the project to mitigate pedestrian and business disruption.


The lower level of the building was converted from an old parking garage into a viable building. Water table issues throughout the years had washed out existing grade leading to the necessary restoration of the subgrade including reshoring to support the building and concrete. The building’s water lines also had to be completely redone.


Interior renovation of the street level space included complete gutting of the existing bar to Tilted Kilt franchise standards with a full kitchen and extensive AV package also installed. Two more floors were also renovated above the Tilted Kilt including a structural deck and infill of elevator shaft, new power service, plumbing and HVAC, ceiling and floor prep for future office or retail use.