Goodwood Barbecue

The Goodwood restaurant renovation was completed in five months from start to finish. The structure of the building was built on a 4-inch concrete slab-on-grade. The exterior walls were framed with 2×6 Douglas fir and sheathed in ½” OSB. The interior structure being supported by 5” x 5¼” tube steel columns connected to glue-lam beams.


Some of the exterior finishes included exposed rough-hewn timbers accented by 4” stone veneer columns, painted wood siding and EFIS. Roofing materials included modified bituminous roofing and fire retardant cedar shakes. Uniquely featured are decorative gas lamps on the exterior and interior of the building.


Interior finishes include tongue-and-groove stained planking across ceiling and wainscot areas with accented maple trim. The floor finish is a modern stained and sealed concrete. In the cooking and prep areas, the flooring has an epoxy finish for durability, the wall and ceiling finishes were constructed using FRP and acoustic panels, respectively. Other site improvements included a sixty-five stall parking lot and associated landscape work.