Boise Downtown Streetscapes

  • Boise Downtown Basque Block
  • Boise Downtown Centre on the Grove
  • Boise Downtown Streetscapes

Most recently, Wright Brothers, The Building Company, Eagle was hired to do another Boise Downtown Streetscapes project for the Capital City Development Corporation (CCDC) which included working at 7 different locations (92,528 square feet) throughout downtown Boise. The scope of work consisted of removing old side walks, curbing, asphalt, trees, lighting and signage.


We then coordinated with business owners and ACHD to provide solutions to rebuild the streets while maintaining access to pedestrians. We concreted and brick pavers sidewalks, new pedestrian crossings, curb and gutters, added 100 trees, a better gutter system, benches and reinstalled signs. All while maintaining a tight schedule with mandatory deadlines. This project added greatly to the beauty of downtown Boise.


Wright Brothers has also completed Streetscapes for the CCDC along 9th, 10th, and Main Streets in Downtown Boise and is the original contractor for the Grove Street Commons Area.