“The employees are wonderfully community-minded, ethical and generous as a company and as individuals. the culture is well-defined and consistent in its service orientation, putting the customer first and in knowing that happy and appreciated employees are critical to taking great care of the customer. Our project was a daunting task to keep programs going and facilities open to the members while completing the work. Coupled with the extremely tight time-frame and the normal nonprofit tight budget, this company exceeded all expectations. They gave tirelessly of their expertise and financial support to ensure the project was completed on time and done well.”

– Jim Everett, CEO


“Due to the projects’ location in a high traffic area of downtown (Boise), a set of skills above and beyond timeliness, quality and cost come into play. Mitigation of impact on neighboring businesses is part of this type of job and Wright Brothers gained the appreciation of merchants. The project was completed 5 days early on a 50-day construction schedule. The quality and cost met and exceeded our expectations. I recommend Wright Brothers…for this type of project without hesitation.”

– Betsy Lloyd, Development Specialist


“Wright Brothers, The Building Company recently successfully completed the construction of a 4-story 104-unit Holiday Inn Express in Boise, Idaho for Burgess Investment Group. The project was handled in an organized and professional manner from start to finish. When problems arose they were dealt with quickly and resolved. Wright Brothers is an experienced general contractor with a professional staff that Burgess Investment Group is looking forward to doing business with again in the future. We would recommend them to others for commercial construction projects.”

– David Jeffs, Project Manager – Burgess Investment Group


“Wright Brothers, The Building Company recently completed a two story, 10,000 SF Tilted Kilt Pub in Boston, MA. The project consisted of a major renovation in a 100 year old building located yards away from the front gates of Fenway Park. The age of the building presented many challenges in addition to logistics of working around the Red Sox schedule. I would highly recommend Wright Brothers for future projects as their customer service is second to none. I look forward to the opportunity to continue our professional relationship for future projects.”

– Yury Singh, Senior Director – The Norton Group


“Wright Brothers took on a substantial amount of work in addition to the base contract and completed the project before the Fall semester began. Due to the buildings’ age and condition, creative problem solving was required on a daily basis. Wright Brothers handled every issue promptly and professionally. I look forward to working with Wright Brothers, The Building Company on future campus projects.”

– Aaron Whitman, Campus Planning & Facilities


“Let me start by saying I do not write reference letters liberally. A company that simply ‘meets expectations’ will not garner a reference letter. That said, it is with full support that I am writing a letter to encourage you to consider Wright Brothers for your upcoming project. Their approach was thoughtful, diligent, and professional. I was also quite impressed with how they handled their subcontractors – both pushing them to get their part of the job done on time/budget and dealing with any issues in a professional manner.”

– Karen Mahoney, Project Manager


“Over the past 18 years, Wright Brothers has provided Construction Management services on over 100 different projects for the Verizon Wireless Corporation. These projects have spanned 10 western states from Alaska to New Mexico. In my lengthy career with Verizon Wireless very few Construction Managers have lasted the test of time like Wright Brothers, The Building Company.”

– Paolo Walls, Manager, Retail Design & Construction